Entrance Interview

Welcome to SU 's Financial CounselorTM Entrance Interview. The primary purpose of this session is to help you better understand your student loans and give you some general information on planning and managing your personal finances. You will explore the different types of student loans, regulations, repayment options and the consequences of default.

To receive the most benefit from this program, we suggest you have the following items:
  • A list of all of your educational loans including everything you borrowed in the past and what you anticipate borrowing for the current academic year.
  • A listing of all scholarships and grants you expect to receive this academic year.
  • A listing of all the expenses you expect to incur this academic year including tuition, housing, and books.
When you have your information, you are ready to begin the session. All you will need to do is follow the program all the way through. If you wish to have a copy of any of the information presented, you will have to print out the individual page.

Owner of loan and loan servicer information:

  Name Address
Owner of loan Syracuse University 102 Archbold North
Syracuse, NY 13244-1140
Loan servicer ACS, Inc. Campus Products & Services
P.O. Box 7060
Utica, NY 13504-7060

At the end of the session, a submission sheet is provided so that we can verify that you have completed this session. Student Loan Management will only update this program when it is received.

If you have any problems gathering the information or questions about the session, please contact our office at smhague@syr.edu or 315 443 2181.

There is a quiz at the end of the Financial CounselorTM tutorial.

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