Welcome to Financial CounselorTM

Financial CounselorTM is designed to help you plan, organize, and assess your current and future financial situation. We have divided our information into three sections: entrance interviews, exit interviews, and information.

We hope that our program will make your personal financial planning experience easier.

If you have been notified and awarded a student loan you must participate in entrance counseling before receiving your initial disbursement. Please go to the Entrance Interview, to complete the counseling requirements.

If you are graduating, transferring or leaving school, go directly to the Exit Interview.

Read each page carefully and answer each question at the bottom of the page. You will not be able to proceed to the next page until you answer these questions correctly.

We have also added some useful links that can be accessed at any time in order to provide more information about student loans.

As you are aware, students who receive student loans, must complete the Financial CounselorTM Session. You may complete the interview online at your own convenience.

When you use Financial CounselorTM, we must receive notification that you completed your session before we are able to update your records. During the session, print out any pages you wish to retain for your records. Before you start the program you may need: a listing of all your student loans, including loans awarded this year, the amount of your tuition, and a general idea of what your cost of attending school will be.

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